Do you keep thinking there must be another way?

Mimosa House, London

15th February – 27th April 2019


Do you keep thinking there must be another way? was a group exhibition with Lee Lozano, Howardena Pindell, Polvo de Gallina Negra, Raju Rage, Georgia Sagri and Emma Talbot curated by Daria Khan, Cicely Farrer and Jessica Vaughan.

For the exhibition, Costumes for The Whore's Rhetorick were re-exhibited with additions to the original works. Further to this, Mimosa House commissioned a website that hosts a work-in-progress script for a film based on the 17th century erotic novella of that title. Considering how the form of a ‘pornography’ can be repurposed to write women’s history, the text draws out themes around sexuality, labour rights, honesty, and historical veracity. In reference to the book’s origin as a ‘viral’ publication, the text uses the rules of SEO copywriting as a framework. Produced with assistance from an Ukranian-American digital marketer, this conceit draws out further references around distribution, precarious labour, and the spread of information, reliable or otherwise. 

Visit The Whore's Rhetorick. 

Website designed by Rectangle. Installation photography by Tim Bowditch.

Costumes for The Whore's Rhetorick (Mrs. Cresswell), 2018-19, leather shoes, satin ribbons, silk, polyester, synthetic muslin, cotton, lacing, leather, felt hat, feathers, satin ribbons, polyester, synthetic georgette, cotton, lacing, leather, net curtains, chiffon, fake pearls.

Script for The Whore's Rhetorick, ongoing, website.