Machine Room 
Collective, Edinburgh

14th February – 19th April 2015

Machine Room was a presentation of research about the proliferation of the textile industry in Scotland and how this affected patterns of witch hunting. The exhibition space also housed a series of events, including a reading group; screenings of work by Ursula Biemann and Petra Bauer; an event produced with Letitia Beatriz; and a performance lecture titled Magic Kills Industry.

Installation photography by Tom Nolan.

Right: Witch hunting accusations in a sample of rural areas. Left: Witch hunting accusations in industrialising areas, 2015. Both acrylic digital knits, 150cm x 100cm


Installation detail, CNC routed birch ply

furniture, with free copies of a section from 

Caliban and the Witch by Silvia Federici,

produced as part of the exhibition

Screening of Performing the Border, by Ursula Biemann

Positions of Power, a filmic event around reproductive pharma-technologies performed by Letitia Beatriz in response to Machine Room

Screening of Sisters! by Petra Bauer

Stills from the video made to play alongside the performance lecture Magic Kills Industry