Calton Burial Ground is the memorial cemetery to the Calton Weavers, who were the Glasgow textile workers murdered during the 1787 strike. The burial ground is located on Abercromby Street, which was formerly known as 'Witch Loan', as the road was believed to be bewitched. 

Saturday took the form of a performance lecture and screening, exploring the relationship between popular uprisings and the witch scares, tracing this history from heretics to trade unionists. In addition, a series of textile pieces were on display at the cemetery. The works were printed with designs based on samarras and san benitos, the ceremonial robes heretics were forced to wear during ecclesiastical tribunals.

Commissioned by Glasgow International. Installation photography by Ruth Clark and event photography by Erika Stevenson.


Calton Burial Ground, 

Glasgow International 2016

8th – 25th April 2016


Saturday, performance lecture and screening, 15th April 2016

Saturday, 2016, HD video, colour, sound, 34 minutes 41 seconds

Saturday, 2016, installation view, eighteen screenprinted canvas cushions, dimensions variable